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Passion, Sacrifice and Love
An American Original !
Bred for health, sound, intelligence and beauty !
If you are looking for a dog which will love and

guard your family, feel free to contact me .
On 5th of March Aurora gave birth to 5 males and 4 beautiful females!

Bandido Gringo


Blazed Vendetta, loved and owned by Gotter's Fearless Angels


Blizzard Storm


Bob the Fool, loved and owned by Bogdan


Bobby Holiday


Boogey man, loved and owned by Laura and Daniel


Bouncing Bee, loved and owned by Olliver


Bouncing Betty, loved and owned by Kirsten and Martin


Butcher Boy


Aurora Borealis X-Cessive-Volition


Dapple Hills KY Red Rooster



Past Breedings



Alway's the Hard Way of X-Cessive-Volition at the age of 5 Month. Owned by Mr. Chernega from California and will be trained by Daryl Young from lethal Weapon Kennel


Annabell of X-Cessive-Volition, at the age of 6 Month


Arctic Storm of X-Cessive-Volition 8month


Asgard's Guardian of X-Cessive-Volition at 7 month


Aurora Borealis of X-Cessive-Volition


Ironheart's X-Cessive-Volition at 7 month, co owned with Christine and Jeff Morrison







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