Welcome to my site X-CESSIVE VOLITION.


This site is about the American Stafford and his history and my personally breedingplans .

I quite often feel sad when I see American Stoffordshire Terrier around , who stares impassively into the world and I notice that the heart of his

Great ancestors beats no more in his chest. ...

Friendly with everyone, he is a factory item, a selfishly made Toy, has become a mass product that has no other purpose to be a showdog…


In 1996 I first came in to contact with the American Stafford and the old good bloodlines like X-Pert, Roll’s, Tacoma, Ruffian , old White Rock and was in love with the character and physique.

 They have the drive you can still expect from an Am. Staff.

My aim is to continue the breed of Am Staff’s to the old standards.

Before the determination thru breedings with oversized so called AmStaff’s is  done…

The most important is that they are good with people in their daily life as a house , family or sporting dog.

But you must remember that a well bred AmStaff , will never avoid a challenge and a good owner should always keep that in mind.

Marcel .





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