Alway's the Hard Way of X-Cessive-Volition at the age of 5 Month. Owned by Mr. Chernega from California and will be trained by Daryl Young from lethal Weapon Kennel Amboina Miss Midnight Angel Annabell of X-Cessive-Volition, at the age of 6 Month Arabesce vom Teufelstisch SCHII Arctic Storm of X-Cessive-Volition 8month Asgard's Guardian of X-Cessive-Volition at 7 month Aurora Borealis of X-Cessive-Volition Brindl shiek Cerberus Pecan Poko Ch X-Pert Brindle Biff Ch. Indian Doc's Delilah, U.D. Ch. Kon Tek's-- Eight  hunting tests Ch. Mari-Don Jim the Dandy Ch. Toir Prestizh Present fro Russia Ch. X-Pert Glamourous Goldie Ch. X-Pert Sligo's Tony Colby's Galtie around 1912 Colbys Pincher Corvinos shorty De Paco XZ Brindle Raider SCHI Delihants Paddy Deofo lSun Tsu Essex X-Pert Big Buster Fraja's Thunder Battery Ironheart's X-Cessive-Volition at 7 month, co owned with Christine and Jeff Morrison Jandis Ringo Lylane Cheyenne Lancer MICKEY DO Mari Don Kirkee Battery One Stone Berek, C.D.X , SchIII , FH , A.D. PECAN'S HI-TOPS OF GWYNLLYN Pecans Diamond Digger Pedro Escopeta Rolls Chistera Pintada Rolls Comanchera Rolls one eyed Jack Ruffian Marechal Schaller's Cash on Delivery Schaller's Cold Hard Cash Schaller's Peter Pan Schaller's Zorro von X-Pert Schallers X-Pert Rambo Schallers Zorro V X-Pert Sindelar's Sonny Boy of Tara Sinelar's Heide Ho Sky King Tacoma Jacks Replica The Ruffian Toir Prestizh Azia Toir Prestizh Braiton Tryarr Diamond Back Redbolt Tudors Black Jack Tudors Jack II White Rock Jet Bomber X-Pert Bettys Boy X-Pert Black Lady X-Pert Bruyette Beauty X-Pert Duchess X-Pert Humes Topsy X-Pert ROWDY colby's brandy 1930 colby's bunch 1909 galvin's pup ( never turn dog ) about 1890